Bootstrap Your Business

Are you currently running a business by yourself, with a contractor, or a handful of employees? Or are you thinking about breaking out into a side hustle, part-time business, or looking to work for yourself full time?

Then we might be able to help you.

Regardless of where you’re in your business, even if it’s just an idea or you’re looking to make that next step to scale up to a single or multiple contractors or employees.

We can provide valuable information, tools, paths, and ideas that can fast track your business past many stages of the process of building a business.

We spent the time, failed, and succeeded. Let us share our experience and value.

From finding the right technology tools at an affordable price or for free to invoicing and taking payments easily.

There are multiple areas of a business that have to be rock solid to ensure that you aren’t bogged down or look unprofessional.

We’ve gone through the process of building businesses and worked with professionals in multiple areas to come up with a resource that can answer all the questions you will ever have when starting your business.

Even to the questions, you didn’t have.

Things change, so do we.

Our resources are updated quarterly. We collect feedback from our clients regularly and incorporate new questions and information back into our products.

Our experts are active in their business and continue to provide updates on new industry standards and practices.

It’s a single package that continues to provide value.

Once you gain access to the resources, your journey begins. You’ll find value at every turn, and if you don’t we’ll make sure to find that value and update our products.

What do we get out of it?

Firstly, above all. We’re looking to share our experiences and provide value. That’s our primary goal, without value we wouldn’t be doing this.

Secondly, we want to make money. We believe that effort, investment, and value have a monetary value. We’re not here to get rich, we’re here to make a living. We make affiliate commissions on products we love, but we toss products that don’t provide value or are terrible products. We also make a commission on partnerships through our partner program of experts. We take the time to foster good partner relationships and make sure that our members are serviced well. We move quickly to act on any issues and terminate partners that aren’t on the same page as our mission.

Third, we’re about growing our knowledge! We love learning and understanding everything there is to know about the business. What we learn, we pass onto our members.

Fourth, we love building things, helping people, and fostering ideas. This is what fills our cup in the morning. Being apart of something allows someone or an organization to succeed, and hit or surpass their goals. We want to see you kill it, and we want to be apart of it while sharing it with others.