The following page holds a collection of software and tools that I use and recommend. Some contain affiliate links, however, if the company is terrible they will be removed from this page.

I always pride myself with providing great service and recommendations, and if a company doesn’t also adhere to the same then I will stop recommending them.

Please note, that the below links may contain affiliate links.



An overlay to Gmail and Outlook that speeds up getting your email inbox down to zero!


This password manager is a personal favorite. Easy to use and decently priced. If you’re non-profit you’ll receive a discount!


Wavebox is a great tool to manage all your applications in one place, with great notification management and the option of multiple cookie containers.


ICONIC – PRO PC GEAR 4XL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad/Mat Stitched/Water Proof/Non Slip Base (Steel Gray)

If you haven’t hopped on the desk mat train. I replaced my old desk mat with this new one from ICONIC. They have lots of different sizes, I went with 4XL and it’s huge.

DELTAHUB Carpio G2.0 – Right-Handed Truly Ergonomic Gaming Wrist Rest for Mouse

Never thought this would exist, feels weird at first but totally awesome one you acclimatize.