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In-store and Online Sales Solution for Floralista

Proposal presented by: Jordan Trask

Overview and Goals

Floralista has multiple systems to handle in-store and online sales. After a consultation call, it's clear that it's not serving the business or its customer base. Although the multiple systems function together, there are ongoing issues. Two different systems for in-store and online sales cause issues with tracking inventory correctly and providing detailed stock for online sales which leads to customer frustration. Choosing a shipping method involves going through 20 different shipping methods, this could be streamlined. You're also asked multiple times your shipping address and method. These are just a few examples of the roadblocks faced by the business staff and customers. A new solution or solutions need to be researched and implemented so that the whole process of in-store and online ordering is straight forward and flows without issue. This will ensure that customers are able to make purchases without issues, and staff are able to execute fulfilling orders easily without any roadblocks.

Overall Review and Creation of Requirements Document

Do a review of the current setup, and come up with a requirements document. This was already started on our consultation call but will need to be extended further to capture all requirements.

Research and Develop New Solution

Research current solutions and develop a path forward to alleviate current issues and roadblocks faced by staff and customers.

Develop Next Steps and Action Items

Develop the next steps and action items to proceed in the right direction to the goal of having a simple, integrated solution for both in-store and online sales.

Check-in, Accountability and Measure

Check-in throughout the process, and ensure that there is accountability in pushing action items and tasks forward. Lastly, measure the success throughout the process to see the small wins that will complete the final goal.

Approve Proposal

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